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   Ultravnc in Windows 7
Ultravnc in Windows 7


Anyone else get Ultravnc to work in Win 7?? I read on other boards, that some have got it working better than in any other os. I can finally see my office machine from the house machine, but I cannot move the mouse or anything.. Just a tease.. I am going to copy in the instructions posted on another forum that I have been trying to follow. I think I did it right, but still not working.. In addition, if anyone can school me better, I am a willing student..

Instructions I found start here:

Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100 - tested on x64 version

From what I read, nobody got VNC working 100% in Windows 7... I got it working 100% so far it's like being local to the system when over the LAN fullscreen and the remote resolution matching my local resolution. Even Aero effects come across properly, winvnc process stays at 0-1% while connected.

Here's steps I took, keep in mind I have this tweaked for snappy local LAN connecting, you probably want to remove aero and wallpaper for INet access.

Download uVNC Full for win32 or x64
UltraVnc download manager

Install VNC
Enter your admin password for VNC
Uncheck 'Remove Aero (Vista)'
Uncheck 'Remove Wallpaper for Viewers'

Install Video Hook Drivers
Extract to folder 'Drivers' anywhere.
Right click setupdrv, Create Shortcut
Properties of shortcut
Add ' install' to end of the target box
Click Advanced
Check 'Run as administrator'
Double-click the setupdrv - shortcut
Accept installing the driver

In start menu, under UltraVNC, right click 'Edit Settings' click Run as Administrator
In 'Screen Capture' tab,
Check off:
Poll Foreground Window
Poll Window Under Cursor
System HookDll
Video Hook Driver (Check the video hook driver will report it's not active but it really is.)
Restart and check previous setting to make sure they stick.

Download the 1.05.6 uVNC Viewer in 32 or 64 bit accordingly and select 'Ultra' mode for your connect speed.

For best performance through VNC over LAN, tweak the following Windows 7 visual settings:

Right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab, Performance->Settings

Check only the following options (you can uncheck some options to improve remote internet viewing):
Enable Aero Peek
Enable Desktop Composition
Enable Transparent Glass
Save taskbar thumbnail previews
Show thumbnails instead of icons
Show window contents while dragging
Smooth edges of screen fonts
Use drop shadows for icon labels on desktop
Use visual styles on windows and buttons

And remember, set your power options in Windows 7... the default is to sleep the computer after 20 mins.

I'm able to web browse through it and it seems local in responsiveness... quite impressive compared to other OS's for VNC.

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 Ultravnc in Windows 7

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